Egypt receives 61.5 million euros in new funding from the European Union

61.5 Million Euro Financing Agreement Signed for Yellow Mountain Water Treatment Plant Project in Cairo

A financing agreement worth 61.5 million euros has been signed by the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation, the French Development Agency, and the European Union to complete the Yellow Mountain water treatment plant project in Cairo. The project is aimed at enhancing climate change adaptation efforts and water projects in Egypt, representing 20% of the ongoing development cooperation portfolio with the European Union.

The agreement, signed by Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, includes a development financing agreement worth 50 million euros, a grant worth 1.5 million euros, and a grant agreement between the European Union and the French Development Agency worth 10 million euros. The project will focus on the third phase of the Al-Jabal Al-Asfar water treatment plant, which serves 17.5 million people by collecting and treating wastewater.

With advanced technology and tertiary treatment for agricultural irrigation and biogas generation, this project aims to increase the station’s capacity by one million cubic meters per day while providing a renewable source of energy to generate 80% of the electricity needed to operate the station. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat emphasized the importance of water conservation in Egypt’s comprehensive development plan while highlighting its role in achieving sustainable growth.

This financing agreement coincides with World Water Day and is part of Egypt’s joint relations with Europe under “Team Europe” initiative to promote environmental conservation efforts and ensure sustainable future through cooperation with Egyptian government. French Ambassador Eric Chevalier emphasized on strategic partnership between Egypt and EU regarding water security and management while EU Delegation to Egypt led by Ambassador Christian Berger expressed their commitment towards protecting environment for better future ahead for all citizens around world.

Overall, this project represents a significant step forward towards sustainable development in Egypt’s water sector while also contributing towards global efforts towards climate change adaptation.

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