49ers are early favorites to win Super Bowl LIX

49ers Favored to Win Super Bowl LIX: Caesars Sportsbook Offers Insight into Early Action Trends

The 49ers may have not won Super Bowl LVIII, but sportsbooks across the country are favoring them to win Super Bowl LIX. Their odds vary slightly from book to book but generally fall around +550. The runners-up, the Chiefs, are the No. 2 team, followed by the Ravens, Lions, and Bills in varying orders. The Bengals, Cowboys, Eagles, Dolphins, Packers, and Texans make up the next block. The Chargers, Jets, Rams, and Jaguars are the next group.

Caesars Sportsbook assistant director Adam Pullen told ESPN that they’ve seen a lot of early action backing the Lions and Chargers. “Obviously, the Lions are following up on a tremendous season and the Chargers made a splash by hiring Jim Harbaugh as their head coach,” Pullen said. As there is consensus on the 49ers at the top of the board, there is agreement at the bottom as well. The Panthers have the longest Super Bowl odds as they head into Dave Canales’ first season as head coach.

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