Thousands Enlisted in Russian Army to Seek Revenge for Moscow Terrorist Attack

16,000 Join Russian Army in 10 Days: Moscow Attack Prompts Surge in Recruitment of Professional Soldiers

In the past 10 days, Russia reported that over 16,000 citizens have signed contracts to join the army, with many expressing a desire to avenge victims of terrorism. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that more than 100,000 people have signed military service contracts since the beginning of the year, indicating a significant increase in the number of individuals joining the armed forces as professional soldiers.

The motivation for many of these candidates signing contracts was undoubtedly the recent tragedy in Moscow on March 22. Under Russian law, conscripts cannot be mobilized for combat missions outside the country. Therefore, the Russian army relies solely on professional soldiers serving on long-term contracts. These soldiers receive intensive training and are often part of special units equipped with modern weapons and high technology.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently announced plans to establish two combined military groups and 30 new units this year, including divisions and brigades. The tragic event at Crocus City Hall theater has prompted a strong response from the Russian government. Officials have accused Western and Ukrainian intelligence of supporting the attackers and have made arrests in connection with the incident.

IS-K, an Afghan branch of Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the attack while Ukraine denied any involvement. However, tensions remain high as Russia continues to mobilize more professional soldiers to address security concerns and potential threats.

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